Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tebowmania isn't dead, just on Hiatus

Both Tim Tebow fans and detractors both were made happy early this week, when Tebow signed with the New England Patriots. Fans of Tebow are happy he is still in the leauge after drawing little to no interest on the free agent market. People who do not like Tebow are happy he went to New England, where the circus that usually follows Tebow will not be tolerated. It really is the perfect situation for all parties involved.

On the surface, the move does not make much sense for the New England Patriots. They have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady, and he has said he wishes to play until he is at least 40. They also have a young, strong armed quarterback in Ryan Mallet. So, why would they add someone as their 3rd QB? I think this will end up being a brilliant move for New England. Tebow is reunited with Josh McDaniels, the man who drafted him in the first round while a coach for the Denver Broncos. Without any pressure of starting, he can refine his horrendous mechanics for a whole season or two. Then, I see the Patriots trading away Ryan Mallet. He is far too young and talented to waste away on the bench.

Before letting him walk as a free agent, they will trade Mallet for a 3rd round pick. This will bump Tebow into the second string role, but by then his mechanics should have much improved. Unlike his last two stops, the fan base in New England loves its current coach and quarterback. There will be no huge media push to play Tebow, and that is exactly what he needs. Tebow has never lobbied for himself to play, but his loyal followers are always insistent. This move allows him to sit and learn behind one of the all time greats, while still having a shot at contributing to a Super Bowl winner.

Do not hold your breath waiting to see Tim Tebow take a snap under center. Unless it is the preseason, he will be holding a clip board or playing another position. Everyone in the organization knows that Tom Brady gives them the best chance to win. It has been that way for over a decade. They will not take the ball out of Brady's hands for the sake of a gadget play. Tebow is more than capable running the ball, so I would expect to see him lined up all over the field. He will be especially dangerous in the red zone, where a read option play with him and Brady could prove lethal.

All in all, I think it is a win win situation for both sides. Tebow can grow as a player without the media hype surroungding him. The Patriots are known to be very bland with the media, and that should help calm the circus. I don't know if Tebow will ever be a starting caliber quarterback. But, I do know this is the best situation for him to be thrown in. It will be fun to follow, but unlike his stint in New York, we will not have daily press conferences about him or his practice habits. The Patriots are all about winning, not about individuals. Just ask Wes Welker about that one.

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