Monday, May 6, 2013

A Quick Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Joe Guttenbeil and this is the start of a little blog I will be trying to maintain. For better or worse, I've always had opinions on many a wide subject. Usually, I would just keep my opinions to myself, or annoy one of my friends with my ramblings. Now, I thought it would be better to write these things down. While this will be predominantly about sports, every now and again I will change subjects and write about current events. Before we start, I thought I would give everyone a quick run down of the author.

I am a Bay Area resident, born and raised. While I do root for the 49ers and Giants, my sporting interests go beyond the local scene. I am a die hard Cleveland Indians fan, as well as a huge fan of boxing. While it can be easy to keep the blog about the local teams, I do not want to limit the content to one specific set of teams. I have been playing sports all my life, starting with T-Ball and soccer at the age of 5. Since becoming an adult, it has been mostly softball and basketball. Mix in a little hiking and fishing, and I try to do a little bit of everything.

While I may not have the credentials of a long time writer, I feel I bring a different perspective to the genre. Sometimes the average perspective can be more insightful than someone who appears to have all the inside sources. Also, not being affiliated with any team or website allows me to speak openly without having to worry about stepping on peoples toes. I welcome all readers and comments, as sports is a passion of mine and I could talk all day on the subject.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

Joe G

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