Monday, May 6, 2013

Like Him or Not, Floyd Mayweather is MONEY

This past weekend, Floyd  "Money" Mayweather did something he has done 43 times before. Robert Guerrero was given the task of handing Floyd his first loss as a professional. Like all the men before him, Guerrero came up short. Well, came up short may be an understatement. Guerrero was dominated throughout the entire fight, ending in a unanimous decision loss for the Bay Area native. As a fan of boxing for over 20 years, this outcome was about as easy to predict as the sun rising in the East. Although he does not make many fans with his style or attitude, Floyd Mayweather remains one of the greatest boxers of all time. He simply holds himself to a higher standard.

When most people think of boxing, they picture two guys standing in front of each other throwing punches until someone gets knocked out. When you watch a Mayweather fight, you may be bored with the way he chooses to win fights. His game plan is so easy, yet no one has figured out how to beat him. All he does, is hit people without getting hit. He does not go for knockouts, because those generally require him to be left susceptible to damage of his own. That he does not allow. Gifted with great defense and perhaps greater speed, Mayweather has ignored Father Time and continues to dominate well into his 30's.

What is perhaps his greatest weapon, is his intelligence in the ring. There is not another boxer on the planet who can stick to and execute a game plan the way Mayweather can. Most of his game planing is done with his father, Floyd Sr. and his Uncle Roger. The funny thing is that these 3 have had such a volatile in the past, it is almost a shock to see them all back together. But then again, it goes to show the intelligence of Floyd. After absorbing a ton of punishment in his previous fight against Miguel Cotto, Floyd knew he has to recommit to his defensive training. Since his Uncle was going through some health problems, he called his father to come back and be his trainer. Floyd Sr. had taught his son the shoulder roll defense that had made his son a legend. After the Cotto fight, he knew he had to work with his son on his footwork. Sure enough, the move paid off as Guerrero rarely ever landed a bunch that could do any significant damage.

Mayweather has 5 fights left on a new 6 fight deal he signed with Showtime. Never in a bind financially, many believe these will be the final fights of his career. While you can, you should pay to watch this man fight. He may not have the style that makes an exciting fight, but when you get the chance to see Picasso paint, you take it. Floyd Mayweather is easily one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time, and that is not up for debate. The real debate will come if he retires at 49-0. Then people will have to legitimately ask if he is the greatest boxer of all time.

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