Friday, May 17, 2013

It's time for American Idol to Go

Season 12 of American Idol wrapped up last night, and does anyone even really care? The show seems to have gone on way too long. Out of the 12 winners, not even a handful have remained relevant after their season ended. I think the main reason for this is that shows like this are glorified karaoke competitions. There are literally thousands of people with great singing voices. What separates successful singers and the winners from American Idol is ability to write their own songs. Being able to write music that is catchy, inspiring or just interesting is what allows an artist to sustain over the years. I believe most of the winners are not accomplished song writers, and that is why they need to go on a reality TV show instead of getting a deal based on their own merits.

The best part of the show left a few seasons ago. Acid tongued Simon Cowell was the most entertaining part of the show. His no frills assessments of the acts made for great television. Even the goofball antics of Paula Abdul was worth watching. Now, Randy Jackson has left the show, leaving no original judges. We are left with someone like Nicki Minaj, who 5 years ago was not even relevant in a national sense. Also, she is classified as a rapper. How is a rapper supposed to accurately asses and mentor future pop stars? It just does not add up.

The best part of American Idol is the first episode or two of the season. Watching the train wreck of potential contestants is the only part worth watching. That is because America loves a train wreck. If they changed the theme of the show to find America's worst singer, the ratings I'm sure would return. As it were now, people are tired of watching people win a seemingly prestigious competition only to go on to do nothing.

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